2022 Annual Patent Award of Zhejiang Province Announced

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According to "Zhejiang Province Intellectual Property Reward Measures" and "Zhejiang Province Intellectual Property Reward Measures Implementation Rules (for trial implementation)", the patent of "a kind of water-blocking power cable" (Patent No. ZL201710163517.6), in which our company participated, to declare the performance evaluation shall be publicized for a period from December 4 to December 10, 2022. The public announcement period is from December 4 to December 10, 2022, a total of 7 days. If any individual has any objection to the content of the announcement during the public notice period, please submit it in writing to the company's information and communication, and provide the necessary evidence materials, contact number: 88126981.

Feizhou Group Co.        

December 4, 2022          

Annex: ZL201710163517.6 A water-blocking type power cable