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Ltd. organized the "Internet of things marking system Ecode mark application guide (wire and cable)" national standard preparation and the first batch of application of Ecode code construction quality traceability system launch meeting.

The main purpose of the meeting was to clarify that the quality traceability standard of the cable industry has been upgraded to national and international standards, to enhance the development of the industry with the language of standards, and to explore a new road for the traceability of Chinese industrial product quality.



After many months, the company officially launched the quality traceability system Ecode code construction kick-off meeting, marking the company's product quality into the digital monitoring stage, will further promote the industry to carry out quality traceability system construction, and further help the industry product quality improvement.

Object code Ecode

 That is, the existence of things in the Internet of Things has its own identity, as the first batch of important standards included in the national standards development plan for the Internet of Things, has the technical characteristics and application characteristics; can be through the coding layer, identification layer, resolution layer

It is compatible with existing coding systems in three ways; in practical application, it meets the need for a single product code, but also has a certain degree of security; through such infrastructure as the Ecode identification platform, it builds cloud data based on coding technology services.

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Since the "Xi'an Metro cable incident" in 2017, the country has further strengthened the supervision of product quality in the industry and the market, and the overall quality of the industry has been significantly improved. However, shoddy products have disrupted the market system, the lack of effective means to assess the competence of enterprises, unfair competition, and the malicious creation of products by other unscrupulous enterprises.

Unfair competition and malicious counterfeiting of products by other unscrupulous enterprises are still pain points for cable manufacturing enterprises. At the same time, it is also difficult and helpless for the regulatory authorities, the rights and interests of users are not protected and testing institutions are at a loss. In order to improve the current situation and solve the problems faced by all parties, the

The "ID card" for cable products was created. Under the leadership of the China Machinery Industry Federation, under the guidance of the China Association for Quality Management of Water and Electric Power, the China Electrical Appliances Industry Association and the Building Electricity Branch of the China Institute of Architects, the Shanghai Institute of Cable Research has launched a quality platform based on internet marking technology.




The company will combine the pilot experience of other enterprises, highly integrate the Ecode marking platform with the quality traceability system, and decompose the cable production process traceability system into "four loops and one chain" with four links: "purchase incoming inspection, production process control, product quality inspection and product sales management". ", and

And determine the four links of key control points and traceability links. In other words, we have identified 3 inspection information record points for raw materials, auxiliary materials and packaging materials for procurement; control information record points for conductors, insulation, braiding, cable formation and sheathing for the production process; and 2 inspection information record points for semi-finished products and finished products for product quality,

The quality of the product is determined by 2 inspection information record points for semi-finished products and finished products; and the sales of the product is determined by information record points for dealers and distributors. To ensure seamless connection of nodes, traceability information record samples will be unified, the collection and entry methods of traceability information and traceability management file requirements will be standardised, forming

The traceability specification with 2D code information traceability as the main logo will guarantee the soundness and reliability of the company's quality traceability system.       

Soon, "one product, one code" will become the "health code" and "journey code" of the company's product production and circulation, the "commitment" of quality and safety ", "new business card".

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