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Rubber sheathed cable

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Rubber sheathed cable

·General rubber sheathed flexible cable

·Electric welding machine cable


General rubber sheathed flexible cable


This product is suitable for household appliances, electric tools and all kinds of mobile appliances with rated AC power of 450/750V or less.


Use characteristics

1, type YZ voltage UO/U is 300/500V, YC type is 450/750V.

2. The long-term allowable working temperature of the core is not more than 65 C.

3. W-type cable has weather resistance and oil resistance. It is suitable for outdoor or oil contamination occasions.

4. ZR type cable has flame retardancy.


Type, name and use



Main uses


Light rubber sheathed cable

For light mobile electrical equipment and tools.


Medium rubber sheathed cable

Used in various mobile devices and tools.


Heavy rubber sheathed cable

It can be used for all kinds of mobile electrical equipment, and can bear larger mechanical external force.


Technical performance and delivery length

1, insulated core is subjected to AC 50Hz power frequency spark test without breakdown.

2. The insulation resistance of finished cable insulation core is not less than 50M at +20 C and a kilometer length.

3, the finished cable insulation core is subjected to AC power frequency voltage test without breakdown.

4, the length of the circle is 100m or 100m integer multiples, the length of the disc is greater than 100 meters.

5, allowing short length cable lengths of not less than 10m to deliver, but the quantity does not exceed 10% of the total length.

6, allowing the length of delivery according to the agreement between the two parties, the length measurement error should not exceed 0.5%.


Electric welding machine cable



This product is suitable for secondary side wiring and welding pliers for welding machines with geoelectric pit not exceeding 200V and peak value of arterial DC 400V.


Model name and working temperature





Natural rubber sheathed electric welding machine cable


Chloroprene or other equivalent synthetic elastomer sheath electric welder cable


Delivery requirements


The length of delivery of cables should be 100 m in circles and not less than 100 m in panels. Short delivery of cables not less than 20 m is allowed. The length of delivery of short cables should not exceed 10% of the total length of delivery. Delivery of cables of any length is allowed according to the agreement between the two parties...


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