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Fireproof power cable

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   Fire-proof cable is a type of fire-proof cable. Fire-proof test is carried out under the prescribed fire source and time. It has the ability to transmit electricity under the specified state, that is, to maintain the integrity of the line. It is mainly used in high-rise buildings, entertainment places and many construction projects requiring high quality and high safety in large cities. It is used in power supply lines such as fire elevators, fire pumps, fire alarms, smoke exhaust systems, emergency lighting, fire hazard zones, high temperature occasions and facilities requiring special safety in fire control systems. It is mainly for the purpose of safe power supply in case of fire without cutting off the power supply.


Fire resistant cables are made of inorganic mineral insulating materials used as insulation in conductors. The material can be sintered into a hard and compact insulator attached to the surface of conductor after fire, thus ensuring the normal operation of cable lines under fire conditions.


Fireproof power cable



This product is suitable for fixed laying of rated voltage 0.6/1KV transmission and distribution lines. In addition to transmitting power under normal conditions during operation, the cable can maintain the normal transmission of current during ignition and combustion for a period of time.

The maximum allowable working temperature of cable conductor is 70 C, and the maximum temperature of cable conductor is not more than 160 C/5 seconds when short circuit occurs.


Recommended cable laying

1. The cable and ambient temperatures shall be higher than 0°Cor kept for 24 hours.
2. The minimum bending radius shall not be less than: 30 (D+d) for single-core cable; 22.5 (D+d) for multi-core cable; where, D - The actual outside diameter of cable; d - The actual diameter of conductor. 

Type and name




PVC insulated PVC sheathed fireproof power cable 


XLPE insulated PVC sheathed fireproof power cable 


PVC insulated steel-tape armoured PVC sheathed fireproof power cable 


PVC insulated steel-tape armoured PVC sheathed fireproof power cable 


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