Company profile

Feizhou Group Co., Ltd. is a group-based company specializing in the production of high- and low-voltage power cables. It is one of the most complete product varieties in China's wire and cable industry. Its main products are: cross-linked polyethylene insulated power cables. , Overhead Insulated Cables, PVC Insulated Power Cables, Control Cables, Computer Screened Cables, Instrument Signal Cables, Rubber Jackets, Branch Cables, Mine Cables, Marine Cables, Nuclear Power Plant Cables, Aluminum Stranded Cables, Full Range of Civil Installation Cables , All kinds of fire-resistant, fire-retardant, special wire and cable, and clean and safe cables.

Feizhou Group Co., Ltd.

The company has national cable laboratories and testing centers, and has passed production licenses, national compulsory product certification (CCC certification), quality management system certification (ISO9001), environmental management system certification (ISO14001), and occupational health and safety management system certification ( GB/T28001-2001), Mine Product Safety Sign Certificate, Railway Product Certification, and Enterprise Standardization Good Behavior Certification; For many years of excellent operation, it has won the glory for Feizhou Group and won the “National High-tech Enterprise” and “Zhejiang Province 'Eleventh Five-Year' energy saving work 'advanced collective', "honesty companies", "excellent brand enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta region", "AAA-level contract and keeping promises units", "Zhejiang well-known firms", "national quality reputation Stable guarantee of enterprise" and 39 national patents. "Feizhou" brand products are honored: "China Famous Brand (Cognized by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce)", "Zhejiang Famous Brand", "Zhejiang Famous Brand", "2015 China Top 50 Cable Enterprises," "China Top 500 Quality ", "China's cable industry top ten quality brands", "2016 China's cable industry top 100 enterprises", "national testing continuous compliance products", "China's famous best-selling brand", "Zhejiang Province engineering construction of key recommended BrandName", "National Development and Reform Commission adopts quoted quotation units" and "2017 China's top 100 cable industry enterprises" and other awards.

Over the past 20 years since its establishment, we have gradually established a business model and a strong development team that are in line with modern enterprise systems by absorbing advanced production and management experience at home and abroad. The company's product business covers the power sector, subways, airports, terminals, highways, petrochemicals, stadiums, residential buildings, city lighting and other areas, and has a large number of loyal customers in these areas. We are the national power grid, China Southern Power Grid, East China Power Grid, Datang Power Generation, Fujian Power, Zhejiang Electric Power and other national power companies, Xiang Coal Group, Datong Coal Mine, Shanxi Coal and other coal mining companies, Zhoushan Golden Gulf Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (the largest in Asia One of the shipyards), Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge (currently the world's longest cross-sea bridge), Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, Three Gorges Power Station, and Jiangxi Cevy LDK Solar High-tech Co., Ltd. (one of the largest solar energy manufacturers in Asia) , Beijing Olympic hockey stadium, Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, Shengli Oilfield and other national large-scale projects to provide product services, won the user's universal praise and recognition. We not only accumulated rich experience in cable applications, power transmission, quality control, etc. At the same time, the energy-saving and environmental friendly cables we have developed have brought great convenience and benefits to our customers.

Facing the coexistence of opportunities and challenges, we are always at the forefront of the industry, adhering to the preparation of well-known brands, leading the industry's future spirit, and constantly self-improvement of the company's core competitiveness, and grow together with customers to create an outstanding end customer Value, to create a domestic first-class wire and cable manufacturing companies.